Tandem Designs has been an incredible partner and resource for keeping all our a products and service presented beautifully and fully responsive on the web for mobile as is required to meet the increasing demand of consumer mobile browsing.
We have worked most closely with Victor and he has been remarkably quick, efficient, and collaborative in getting our websites built and launched efficiently and effectively, as well as on budget.
The standard of quality and care at Tandem is second to none.

- Logan Jacobs, CTO, Airhome


AIRHOME is the promise of a home audio system powered by in-ceiling speakers that are controlled wirelessly. We've partnered with Airhome for over two years, launching two versions of their website and continue to work with them since their acquisition in 2015.


Here's our story:

Winter 2014 – The Airhome™ team reached out with the following problem: they needed to convert their designs into a website in less than a month in time for their official launch. They needed a team they could trust to finish the job with minimal hassle. We delivered the website a week ahead of time. In addition, we created an online shopping cart and customer support interface using the third-party systems Shopify and  Zendesk. This enabled the team to go into their product launch full of confidence.

Winter 2015 – The Airhome™ team reached out a year later with great news. The launch was a major success and they were acquired by Roswell Global! They proved their business and now needed a new and improved website to continue growing. Same problem, same result. 

Below is an excerpt from the website.